Cocktail Is A Male Contestant in Object Insanity. He is part of The Careless Carrots.




Object Island

In Beginnings, Cocktail is mentioned by Glass, saying that he can’t talk. Cocktail then appears with Gear and then doesn’t do anything until Gear yells at Perfume. Gear then gets Cocktail out of the challenge and Cocktail then gets to be up for elimination.

In Nothing like a gaze at the night, he gets 1 vote at the elimination. Then Sign picks him onto his team. Then he gets taken in the challenge. However, his team isn’t up for elimination.

Object Insanity

In Berserk Balancers,

In Objects Worth Looking For, Cocktail gets picked onto Magnet’s team because he’s fast, Cocktail is then never seen again for the rest of the episode.

In It goes on and on!,

In Mountain Maniacs,



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