Moneybank is a female contestant in Object Insanity.

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Moneybank, until episode 4, is a shy and bashful contestant. However, in Mountain Maniacs, a bug starts controlling her. Her original personality became her good side, but the bug controlling her is her evil side. When she switches to evil, her normal, high-pitched voice becomes an evil, distorted voice, and her eyes turn red (as shown in the reboot's intros). She becomes violent and rude (even using profane language) and will start attacking everyone.

Despite this attitude, she personally tries to hide her evil side because bad things will happen.

In Object Insanity Reloaded, Moneybank has the same two-side personality, but it's unknown if the bug is still possessing her.



  • Moneybank is the only character who is possessed by a living creature.
  • Moneybank can be comparable to Flippy from Happy Tree Friends. They are both usually nice and won't hurt anyone, but their evil sides will hurt others and are aggressive.
    • She could also be comparable to Lord Torrettes from Dick Figures, since they usually mean well but will swear (in the case of Moneybank, this is to a much lesser extent). In her pose for the cancelled reboot, she is shown with her left eye being red with a white pupil. This also could reference Lord Torrettes. However, this could just be a coincidence.


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